Which services we have in HSEQ & Sustainability?

Below you find an example of services we provide:


  • Basic safety training
  • TMP safety
  • Specialist safety training (Confined Space,Defensive Driving, Emergency Preparedness & Response, Hot work, Hoisting, Haz Mat, LOTO/TOLOV, Working at Height, Scaffolding, etc.)
  • Environmental awareness training
  • Waste management


  • ISO (HSEQ) Management systems setup
  • Sustainability management (e.g. reporting, bamboo projects)


  • Health & Safety audits
  • ATEX assessments (click on this link for more information)
  • HAZOP/RIE reviews
  • Environmental and Sustainability audits
  • Quality audits
  • Conducting EHS assessments and Social & Environmental Impact Assessments

Interim management

  • Management in all HSEQ and Sustainability areas (short term and long term)
  • Contractor EHS management (demolition, construction, expansion, etc.)
  • PCB waste management (Cooperation with Orion)

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